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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Happy 4th of July!

I love the 4th of July. I think its because i have such great memories of the day. One year while we were moving my dad did sparklers in the parking lot of a hotel. (Thanks dad for always trying to make a grim situation lots of fun:) Then there is Ketchikan's 4th. The small town parade that everyone watches just to see who is in the parade, the food and game booths that are down in the Tongass parking lot, the duck race, the Ward Lake "airshow", and so much more. Such good memories. This year I'm going to enjoy a nice breakfast with my husband and take the dog for a walk. After we are headed out for Evan and Leahs' birthday/4th of July party. This picture is of my now American husband with his Lady Liberty old navy t-shirt (can you get more patriotic?) and Sydney with her very festive red bandana! Aren't they cute!

The 4th is a great time of year for us too!! Obviously, the thing that sticks in my memory on the 4th is childbirth!! With 3 of my children being born either side of the holiday, I say I've done my part in being patriotic :)

Yes, I think they are very cute!! I must say, the 4th is now a very special time for us Brits with not only the holiday festivities but also all of the birthdays to be celebrated. It was a great day for all of us!!

Very patriotic!

Very nice picture! Glad to hear that the weather was nice too!


At least the fourth sounds like it was alot nicer than last year. Not many places have to cancel their fireworks because of rain!
We had a good fourth, but had to be resigned to watching small fireworks at the Cropps since Eric had to leave for work at 5 am the next day. We've met some neat couples down here, but we miss you all up there very much!

Are you ever going to post again?

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