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Thursday, March 27, 2008 

We're Alive!

     Yes, we are alive!  We made it to Tennessee and are settling in nicely.  We have a cute apartment and are enjoying real spring!  We've had so many visitors since we've gotten here that it actually still feels like we're on vacation.   My mom and dad drove us from their house to TN where we met David and then Kevin and Sheila.  They all stayed for the weekend and headed home.  A few days later we had Kevin and Sheila back for a visit and some help unpacking.  The next week Josh and Kendri Mutart came up.  The moved to Memphis the same weekend we moved to Nashville.  Last weekend we had Sharon come over for a long weekend.  So much fun to see all of these friends and family.  In between visitors we have been unpacking, exploring the area, and enjoying our time together.  Here are a few more recent pictures....

               Auntie Sharon and Abigail

Our apartment complex from our balcony.  

Saturday, March 08, 2008 

Visiting Friends

One of the other parts of our trip that I really enjoyed was seeing friends. We spent a week-end in Seattle which we enjoyed lots! On our way down to Seattle we stopped in and had breakfast with Don, Arlene, Ethan, and Heidi Poet. We also had a get together at Christy Johns which included Poets, Christy, Janet, Josh, Smiths, Paul Radford, Linders, Trista, and us. Abigail and I got to spend a morning with Beth and kids. Oh and Savanah joined us there too. We even got to hang out with Matthew and Caren quite a bit too! Then we were able to meet up with Ken and Bonnie, Jon and Trista, and Matthew and Caren for dinner again as well. Here are some pictures from those times.

Jeff, Josh (the accountant), David, Jenn, Beth, Christy, and Trista

Owen, Beth, Madeline, Savanah, and Abby

Matthew, Caren, Brennen, Jenn, David, and Abby at House of Hong (mmm!)


More Travels

Well we all made it to Tennessee. David and Sydney arrived via Penske truck last Saturday morning. Abigail and I arrived with my mom and dad via dad's truck on Saturday afternoon. It was about 70 degrees and sunny the first few days we were here. We were able to get all of our things unloaded pretty quickly on Saturday thanks to my dad and David's muscles. We are settling in nicely. Our apartment complex is really nice. We are in the back right next to the playground and dog park. There are boxes everywhere, but it is starting to look like home. Here are a few pictures of our journies, packing, and unpacking...

Abby helping fill up boxes. It did keep her from unpacking other boxes though...

David's monster Penske truck and his lovely driving companion who slept most of the way.

Abby exploring her new room, which is completely baby-proofed. She likes to play in her room which is nice for us:)

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