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Monday, October 26, 2009 

Busy Weekend

We have had an exciting weekend around here. One of my roommates from North Park was in DC this weekend to run the Marine Corps Marathon. On Friday Abby and I took the train from Fredericksburg to down town DC and met up with Pam and another friend, Britt. We walked the mall and visited the Natural History Smithsonian. I was a little nervous about taking this adventure with her by myself, but she did great and we had a great time.

We got to the train station and Abby was so happy. She was jumping up and down saying hello to all of the groggy commuters. She told everyone "The choo choo train is coming! I soooo excited!" It was very cute.

The train ride is about and 1hr and 20minutes. She sat like this most of the time saying "look mommy trees, look cars, look water, look a dinosaur" she has an active imagination i guess :)

Pam, Abby, and I in front of the elephant in the Natural History Smithsonian.

On Sunday David and I went up to meet my friend Britt (also from school) and few others to cheer Pam on in her 26.2 mile run. We had a lot of fun cheering and were able to see her in a couple of spots. This is near the finish line.

Pam, somwhere around mile 17-18.

The other exciting event of the weekend is purchasing a new car. We finally did away (happily i might add) with the Kia. I didn't realize how stressful car shopping can be, but I am happy with our purchase.

I guess that's all the excitement for now. I'm trying to be a bit better about updating our blog so we shall see how that goes..... :)

Monday, October 19, 2009 

Belvadere Farms

Last weekend we went with all the Maloneys to Belvadere Farms. They have all kinds of stuff for the kids, food, cider, slides, corn mazes, animals, and a hayride out to the pumpkin patch where you can pick your very own pumpkin. We had a great day. I love fall.

One of the kid slides. They have them for big kids too, but i won't show you any of those pictures...:)

Umm Swine Flu?

Abby loved the animals and has absolutely no fear.
David, Sharon, Alli, and I went through the corn maze. They give you flags to wave in case you get lost. It's a good thing we chose the easiest one.

Abby's first pony ride. She liked it a lot and held on tight!

Sunday, October 04, 2009 

The start of Fall

I think we are headed into fall. Its getting almost cold at night and cooler during the days. We live in the woods and are surrounded by trees so all of our trees are beginning to turn colors and fall. One of our projects is to clear out some of our back yard (wooded area) so we have a bit more room to play. Its been fun being outside, but its a lot of work (more for David than me :)) We are also settling in to our new house nicely. There are still boxes here and there, but they are diminishing by the week. David took a quick trip over to TN last week to finish up the album his Dad and he have been working on with Phil Keaggy. It's been such a neat opportunity for him to be able to work on this with his dad and Phil. He also was able to surprise Helen, Jasen, and all the kids and was there for Helen's birthday. I have been busy with work and getting together with new and old friends. Here are some of our recent pictures....

Our very cute, now potty-trained, little girl.

Abby and I were able to get together with Rhonda (Lundamo) and Oscar the other day. I know Rhonda from Ketchikan and even worked with her mom at the hospital. They are now stationed in the DC area. Not the best picture of Abby, but the kids had fun playing together.

David and Abby playing with one of the bags we were using for leaves. Although this one seems to have legs. :)

Abby thought it was very funny that daddy fit in the bag too. Although not quite as easily as she did.

Our back yard project. David has done a good job of clearing out all the leaves and stuff this far back our next goal is to get rid of some of the smaller shrubs and trees back there. We'll let you know how it turns out.

We are planning a few fun fall outings and hope to have some visitors in the next few months as well. Hope you are all enjoying some fall weather.

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