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Thursday, June 11, 2009 

Summer is Here

Well Tennessee summer has arrived. It is pretty steadily in the 80's and getting more humid by the day. We've been finding some fun warm weather things to do though. We've been spending more time at the Wickerts in the sprinkler and kiddie pool in the backyard and going to the playground. I think we are going to have to invest in waterbabies sunscreen as I have to almost bathe Abby in it every time we go out. :)

We've been swimming a lot more in the pool at our new apartment. We have two to chose from which is really nice. Above is Abby and David. She loves the water and is sometimes a little scary as she has no fear of it.

Jasen and Adam. The Wickerts all came down and spent the day last week. All the kids went swimming and had a blast.

Three tired cousins having a snack after swimming and a nap.

Another fun spot we've found is at a big shopping area near our house. In the center they have a big fountain and all the kids can play in it. Abby loves it. There's also a Starbucks right next to it so we can sit and drink coffee while she plays. I love it too!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009 

Album Latest

Here is a little video of Phil Keaggy on the Brian Mason radio show here in Nashville talking about the new album. A cut from the album has just finished playing when they begin to talk. I have the sound file of the whole thing but I'm not sure how to put sound files on blogger. Check my facebook, I'll try and put it up there.

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