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Thursday, June 24, 2010 


I haven't posted anything in awhile so I thought I would just update on our lives. We are currently in process of moving once again. Still in Fredericksburg, just to a new house. David is still working up in DC. I just started a new job working as a Patient Educator for an OB home health company. Babies as well as my stomach are growing daily. Abby turned 3 on May 22 and is now happily enjoying summer. Sheila is here for a little while just giving us a hand moving. Abby is enjoying having grandma all to herself for awhile. I don't think she quite realizes that her life is going to change drastically in the near future :) Here are a few pictures to sum up Gould's House right now....

Abby and grandpa going for a ride on the tractor.

David grilling in the rain. This is actually at Abby's birthday party. We had about 20 people over several of whom were kids for a BBQ/Birthday Party and of course it rained. We still had a great time and even had a few moments of clear sky to break open the Pinata. She picked a pink Backyardigans character pinata and then burst into tears when we started to hit her with a stick. Poor girl she didn't quite get it until treats started coming out. :)

Abby and some of her friends at her party.

Abby and "Oh my goodness Grandma". Abby has (completely unprompted by us) started to call her Grandmas "Oh my goodness Grandma" and "Buddy Grandma". Not quite sure which name I'd prefer :)

Profile picture of Baby A.

Profile picture of Baby B. I'm just a little biased and have looked at these pictures way too much, but I don't think they are identical. Oh, and for all of you who have been asking we are not finding out what they are until they are born. :)

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