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Friday, December 07, 2007 


This is one of Abby's recent pictures. Thanksgiving day, actually. She is very serious. It's been a little while since we have blogged. Here is the latest happenings....

*We had a very nice Thanksgiving. Two actually - see the Cookes blog for some pictures of the first. The second was at the Wickerts on Thanksgiving day.

*David is getting very busy with work. Everyone's Christmas packages must get out!

*We had an offer on the house. We countered back and they accepted. So that means we are in the process of selling. We are getting the appraisal done this weekend. It's becoming very real! We are planning on heading out to Tennessee mid-February, depending on the ferry schedule and David's work transfer dates.

*Sharon might come up and spend some time with us, and help us pack up. She's still trying to figure it out and work out details. I'm praying all will fall into place!

*I got to visit the ER on Wed. I sliced open my hand opening a box and had to get a few stitches. Ouch!

*We're going to the Singing Christmas tree tonight at church. The singing tree always marks the begining of the Season for me and I love Christmas!

I guess thats the latest for now. We'll keep you all posted on all of the upcoming plans and events!

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