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Thursday, February 03, 2011 

4 1/2 Months

I can't get over how quickly the baby stage is going. It makes me a little sad (although not sad enough to want to do it again). :) Here are some more recent pictures....

Our chubby babies. At their 4 month appointment Ian is 16lbs 10oz and Meg is 16lbs 5oz.

The comparison in these two pictures makes me laugh. Above is Megan at 4.5 months and below is Abby around 12 months and yes it is the same outfit....:)

542v,bkhgjjkggkkkggkgigtuyydsdjt7565r6353wabdgrdfddsnddbbcc vvoyhig,ijfhghfdgdgsgsvzzV Xz saaqqqfjdu. (Above is a message from Abby it says "Abby loves Megan and Ian very much and that's it okay")

I can barely remember Abby that small!!! Thanks for sharing some great pics!


B Grandma

So cute! You should skype us sometime! Hope everything is going well!

Cute babies! Megan looks like an Abby clone!

CUTE BABIES!!!!!!! :) Nan

The three of them are just too adorable for words xxxxx

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