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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 


On Saturday September 18, 2010 we welcomed Ian David and Megan Grace to our family. Megan had a few transitioning difficulties and spent a few days in the NICU, but is now doing fine and healthy. We were all able to come home together today. :)

Baby A - Ian David. 6lbs5oz.

Baby B - Megan Grace 6lbs8oz.

Together again at last! Because Megan was in the NICU we were unable to take Ian or Abby in to see her due to infection control rules and such. On Monday morning we were finally able to get the okay to have her room with us! They were just remembering each other here. :)

Abby is loving being a big sister. I think our biggest issue with be her wanting to help too much! She is very amused whenever one of the babies cries and tries to fix it. She was a little startled by Ian the first time they met and how loud he could cry. :)

Home at last :) Megan is on the left and Ian is on the right.

Oh my Goodness Jenn. They are sooo cute!!! Such adorable little babies. I wish we lived closer together! :) Congratulations!

Aww, thanks for the pics. They're so cute! Glad everyone's healthy and all's well.

Adorable!! Megan definitely looks alot like Abby, and I think Ian is more like you. I can't wait to see you all!

They are just beautiful. Congratulations!! Hope you are feeling good as well.

Thanks for the pictures. Sure is nice to finally get to see the babies. We sure feel a long way away right now. Would love to be where the action is, but I guess that is your job for now. May the Lord bless your little (but growing) family. Love and hugs from Alaska.

They are so beautiful!! We hope you (Jenn) are feeling well and that the babies continue to thrive. Congrats from Oregon!

Very cute!! It's so amazing that you have twins! You're making me want to have more! We wish you guys were here too. Oh well, we'll just have to come visit sometime. Hope everything goes well as you get into the new routine with your family!

What beautiful babies! We can't wait to see them in person. Glad you are home and settling in to a routine. See you soon.

Hi guys!!! Such beautiful babies! I think baby Ian looks like you, Jenn, and Megan looks like David. Hope you are all well. Would love to hold them! Love you guys! Kristina, Adam, and the kids

Jen: The babies are so cute, I am glad you and your babies are home,* Congratulations* Monica&Juan Valles

Beautiful! Congratulations dear friend!

wowww! Your babies are gorgeous!! :) Congratulations!!!!

They are adorable. You'll love having them along with older sister Abby. I have an older sister and a twin brother and it's so very special to this day (well there was a few interesting times with sibling rivalry and all). Congratulations David, Jen, Abby and all the Grandparents and relatives. Patsy & Virgil

Jenn and David, what wonderful gifts God has blessed you with. Such a beautiful family. I do believe Megan looks much like Abby and David and little Ian looks like you Jenn. They are both adorable. Little Abby has grown so much! I am sure she will enjoy her new role as a "Big Sister" May God bless and be with you all. Margo

Hi, Jenn! It's Genevie! I just got a message from Helen that you had twins! Congrats! They are absolute cuteness!

Hi Jen.just seen the Twins for the first time.they are beautiful. Congratuulations to you both my commputer has bean out of action since Mum and Dad wear here.Dominic fixed it for me yesterday so for the last half hour i have been looking at all the photos on your Blog. lots of love to Abby i bet she will be a great help to you {ove to you all God Bless.

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