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Sunday, May 24, 2009 

Happy Birthday

Abby turned TWO on Friday. All the Maloney's and Sheila were here for a big party on Saturday up at the Wickerts house. We had a great time. It was an animal themed party. We had games (that everyone including big people had to play), food, elephant cookies (thank you Becky they were adorable), cupcakes, and lots of presents. Here are just a few pictures...

Abby in a pile of presents. Thank you everyone!

Abby and her grandmas on the trampoline. :)

Animal cupcakes. Mmmm.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 

Another Abby Post

So I know that pretty much all of my posts revolve around Abby and pictures of Abby, but to be honest i don't really take pictures of much else. All is well here. We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Gould last week. Sheila is still here and will be for the next month or so. She is going to stay with Abby while David and I head up to Minnesota next weekend.

Evan, Leah, and Abby on the trampoline. We now live on the north side of Nashville. One of the benefits of being up here is that we are much closer to the Wickerts and are able to see them a bit more. Abby loves the trampoline. I have no idea what they are all doing, but they are having fun. Another good thing about being up here is that we have started going to a new church. We already know some people who go here and it has been nice being able to get involved and get to know some new people better.

David and Abby at the park near the lake. We stopped to feed the ducks some animal crackers. Fortunately we didn't bring Sydney this time or she would have been going crazy trying to chase them, not that she would actually know what to do with a duck once she caught up to it. :)

Our last new obstacle has been the beginnings of potty training. We've been doing it a little bit mostly in the mornings. She likes to sit on the toilet, but just won't go. She holds it until she gets off and can go in her pull-up. Anybody have any suggestions? I guess she'll figure it out eventually.

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