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Sunday, January 16, 2011 


Life is good. The babies are getting big and are so much fun. Abby is becoming such a great big sister. People always said that kids get big fast and it really is true. Here are some of our latest...

We finally did it. We have been fighting Abby with her hair for awhile and after lots of tears and "I want hair like Megan"'s we went to Great Clips yesterday. The before picture (above).

And...after. It right at her shoulders and she loves it. I will admit it is A LOT easier.

Ian, just being a ham. He is no longer our serious worrier, but very happy and smiley. :)

Meg, just playing. She has the Maloney gummy (and someday toothy) smile. :) Abby and she were playing babies.

Abby was very excited that she and Ian were dressed alike this day. Hope you all are well and enjoying winter. We'll post again soon.....

Absolutley ADORABLE! Now I want to cut Leahs :)

Thanks for sharing these photos and allowing us to be a part of a special day for your daughter. I'm glad she (and the two of you!) enjoy her new haircut.

Thanks again,
Kasey Skala
Great Clips, Inc.

She looks so much older with her haircut and it is very cute on her!!!! Glad she didn't get it cut like Megans!

Buddy Gma

All your kiddos are super cute! Glad you're all doing well.

Great shots! I love Abby's expression after her hair cut. Looks like you're all enjoying the blessing of having three beautiful, precious children and family nearby. Thanks for posting again.

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