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Saturday, March 07, 2009 

A Quick Trip to Florida

We decided to make a somewhat spontaneous trip to Florida last weekend. David grandparents are visiting from England so we went down and spent the weekend at Kevin and Sheila's house visiting with them. It was the first time that Abby has met her Nana and Nandad and they had a blast. David and I also drove down to Kevin's church in Naples on Sunday. David and Kevin did some songs for the church. It was a nice and very relaxing weekend. The drive to and from, however, not so much. I think we may fly next time :)

David on the beach in Naples. We had perfect weather while we were there. 70's and sunny. I miss the ocean.

Abby and Grandpa cruising the neighborhood in the golf cart. She loved it and was constantly taking his hand to lead him to that cart "again again". And of course Grandpa can NOT say no. :)

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