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Tuesday, April 17, 2007 

1 hour I'll never get back

Country music night with Martina Mcbride as the guest. At last someone with a really good voice. I liked Jennifer Lopez, she's a good performer, not a great singer, but waaaaaaaaaayyy better than Gwen Stefani.
Phil goes first, he's wearing a shirt made of obsidian. He's singing for his life at this point, he sounds like he's out of breath from walking around. It was ok. Randy called himself an accomplished producer, he big upped himself. All the judges liked it I think, did paula say anything? I think my ears literally closed when she spoke, I am not kidding, I couldn't hear her voice. Apple TV, I must have this technology.
Jordin is next, she is a giant by the way probably 6''1. Started off a little rough, blasted it out by the end. Randy: Dude the bomb man. Simon: Says she could win the whole thing, where has he been? I give her A-. I pretty much want anything apple makes at this point, I-phone, I must have this technology.
A Constantine Maroulis sighting, he has no career. It's Sunjaya time. He just committed a hate crime towards Bonnie Rait, who happens to be one of my favorites. Simon is fed up with this guy and his whole act and he crushed him, which he deserves. If Sunjaya wins the competition someone is going to have to talk me off the ledge of tongass towers. HEHE Simon is genuinely mad at Ryan.
Lakisha: I bet she's lost at least 20 pounds since the show started, she looks really good tonight. I think she may have been a little too powerful on that song, belted it out a little too much, let's see what the judges say. Randy: pitchy. Paula:whoa, she said what I thought, scary. Simon: he agrees with me too, I feel a little better.
Chris: his voice is so thin and nasally, this could be bad. Someone tell that violinist to tune up before the show. This is a train wreck! Sydney says "aaahhhwwwooooooooooo" Randy: didn't really like it. Simon: nasally and tinny, Simon is in a bad mood and will destroy all these pretenders, and I love it. Chris says nasally is a type of singing, he must go now, forget Sunjaya, let him stick around for another week, Chris must be voted off.
Melinda: Apparently she just got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She should do herself a favor and do her hair like this every week. Surprise surprise, she hit a home run. Randy: Solid. Simon: Fantastic. Blake is next, Jenn thinks he is very good looking, I hate him. Just kidding, he's probably the best guy left but has no chance of winning. He's wearing a plaid sweater for the 10th straight week. ooh, he's not exactly nailing it. This is pretty bad as far as I'm concerned, pitchy dawg for me.

Saturday, April 14, 2007 

Official baby name poll...

We are still struggling with our baby names. So, at the suggestion of Caren Cooke I went to and started a baby name poll. Please feel free to go on and vote for your favorite names. As for our favorite....well if we had one we wouldn't need a baby name poll now would we...:)

Sunday, April 08, 2007 

Church Growth

Happy Easter! We went to the "sunrise" service this morning followed by a huge breakfast then the regular church service. It was great! I am so thankful to KNOW that Easter is about so much more than Easter Eggs and candy. We sang a song this morning "Because He Live". Chris Cooke got up later and gave a testimony about one of the verses in this song. "How sweet to hold a newborn baby...." She talked about what a blessing it is to know that Christ died and rose again for all. Past, present, and future generations. After the service this morning we took a picutre of all of us who are expecting. Sarah Bird (November), Kristi Baum (September), Caren Cooke (September), Anna Scott (July), Kristina Day (June), and Me (May). I am so thankful to know that our child will have such a loving family of believers (both related and not!). Hope you all enjoy this very special day.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 

Bizzarely Dreadful

After a weeks break it's time for another AI review. I am glad the shows are down to an hour now, I feel like less of a loser blogging for an hour as opposed to 2 hours. Tony Bennett is the coach, he released his first album in 1893. I am looking forward to the Bon Jovi week, but Tony Bennett is an improvement over the last two weeks.
Blake is first. His voice is well suited to this kind of music, I am liking this performance and Jenn is clicking her fingers. Randy: check it out man, funky jazzy. Paula: generic blather. Simon: good performance. My Grade is a solid B.
Commercial Break, I have high blood pressure and my cholesterol is 238, in other words I could be dead before the end of the show.
Gollum is next. If you have ever seen the pilot episode of Star Trek with the Aliens that have pulsating foreheads,(see picture) he looks like one of those. Randy: no passion for me, for me dawg dawg. Simon: completely gloomy and dark. I predict phil could go this week.
Melinda is next, let's see if she found her neck this week..... no still no neck. This is too easy for her, I haven't heard her miss a note since the competition started. Randy: Yo yo, singing lesson.
Paula: beginning, middle and end, I just had a brain hemorrhage. Simon: frustrated because he can't diss her. She gets B+
Commercial, I came in 244,000th place in the ESPN college tournament challenge. I have Florida and Ohio st in the final game but I had Ohio st winning.
Chris: Got better as the song went on, pretty good by the end. Randy: one of your best performance, that was hot! Paula: blah blah. Simon: Very good, the best of the night. I give him a B
Jordin: My favorite. Jenn gives her outfit 2 thumbs down. Randy: heat and fire and the bomb. Paula: Every time Paula speaks I start singing the Bob Dylan song "Idiot Wind" Simon: old fashioned and traditional. I thought she was pretty good and I give her B-.
Gina: She needs to wear something that is not black once in a while. This is pretty good, a change of pace for her, she is doing a good job. She will be praised. Randy: very nice, I like Paula: flawless. Simon: didn't like it, I have to disagree with Simon on this one. I give her a B
Sanjaya: He is sooooo cheesy, and he tries to be so sweet all the time, I think I just became diabetic. Randy: an Entertainer. Paula: "Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth" Simon: sarcasm. Sunjaya has become a joke at this point and he is lapping it up. I give him F triple minus.
Hayley: I predict simon will say something about lounge singer or karaoke in his comments. Hayley is just riding her looks right now, she's gone in about 2 weeks. Randy: didn't say anything, Simon: he said Pageanty, that's a new one. I give her a C-
Lakisha: She's a good performer as well as a great singer. Randy: The bomb baby Paula: she looks good, whatever. Simon: sassy and great. I give her B+.
No one blew me away tonight, most were pretty solid. Phil is in danger.

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