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Thursday, November 23, 2006 

Coming to Gouldshouse......

I realize this blog has pretty been worthless over the last few weeks. The problem is that we don't have any batteries for our camera and blogs aren't that great without some pics. But batterries are on the way through ebay and we will be getting back in blog business pretty soon with many exciting topics including: David's beard, yes or no? Jenn's pregnancy journals, David's new tooth cap, before and after pics, Sydney loses her womanhood and Sydney and the new wickert pup together for a week before christmas, also David unwraps his new 50 inch LCD TV on christmas day.

Thursday, November 09, 2006 

The past two weeks

So here's what's been going on since the last post. Jenn and I went to Seattle for a few days, that was a good time. The highlight for me was going to the experience music project at the Seattle Center. I thought that it was a Jimi Hendrix tribute only, and while it is that, it is a lot more. There is the standard music memorabilia, mostly of the seattle music scene ( grunge, nirvana etc.) But the best part of the EMP for me was the numerous little booths filled with guitars drums and keyboards that you can go into and play the instruments. All the booths are sound proof so you can pretty much rock out, which Jenn and I did. There was also a fake stage that has a wall of amps, drums, keyboard and guitar and a screen in front that you face which has footage of a concert crowd, so it's like you're playing a live concert. Jenn and I played as the band "Grits" we sang "Wild Thing" Jenn played drums and I played electric and we had a lot of fun. I guess I could have stayed there all day playing around but Jenn humored me for a long time so I called it a day after a couple of hours. We didn't go down to Seattle expecting to see any of the old guard from K-town but we ended up seeing quite a few. We went out to breakfast with Savanah at the 13 coins diner near the airport. If I was to rate 13 coins, on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it -13. It's just a weird, creepy place that gave me the heeby jeebys. All you need to know is that before they brought the breakfast out they brought out a plate of "appetizers" consisting of pickles, Jalapenos, olives and salami. As soon as the guy brought it out I thought "dude, are you TRYING to make me throw up?" I usually go for some toast or english muffin before bacon and eggs, not really interested in any pickled vegatable intake before noon. Anyway, we also saw Christy John, went to church and back to the house for lunch with The Radfords, saw Josh Drenkpohl for the first time in about 3 years. Jenn also went to Gig Harbor to stay with the Smiths for a night and visist with Kim and Beth. I left Jenn on a Sunday met my dad at the airport and flew down to San Marcos, Tex. to work on my dad's new album at Barry Bynums studio. That was a great time, it was good to hang out with Barry for a few days and play some music. I even got to sing lead vocals on two of the songs, apart from that I played rythym guitar on almost all the tracks and did a lead guitar part on one. There was a drummer there and Barry played bass so the foundations for all the songs were laid down. My dad is going back next week to put down all his vocals and then Barry will finish it off after bringing in other musicians to work on it. I should think it will be done sometime early in the new year. I would post pictures of all these goings on but our camera battery died and we can't find a replacement anywhere, it takes cp1 batteries if anyone knows where to get those let us know.

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