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Thursday, November 23, 2006 

Coming to Gouldshouse......

I realize this blog has pretty been worthless over the last few weeks. The problem is that we don't have any batteries for our camera and blogs aren't that great without some pics. But batterries are on the way through ebay and we will be getting back in blog business pretty soon with many exciting topics including: David's beard, yes or no? Jenn's pregnancy journals, David's new tooth cap, before and after pics, Sydney loses her womanhood and Sydney and the new wickert pup together for a week before christmas, also David unwraps his new 50 inch LCD TV on christmas day.

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Hey Jerry, Maybe you could get a cute puppy then?
Jen and David: It is nice to be able to read up on what everyone is doing though, pictures or not! Jen, how are you doing? David, did you know that you are getting a 50" LCD TV for Christmas? Wow, I'm envious! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with you family!
Love, the Bensons

Hi, nice to hear from you guys. I'm doing better. On this Thanksgiving day I am thankful for the fact that i cooked and it didn't make me sick. :) If David is getting a 50" LCD TV for Christmas it is news to me.....

If David gets a 50" LCD TV for Christmas then do I get to name your baby? :-)
Allison (Jenn named me, so its only fair right? hehe)

Beards are for neandrothals! happy thanksgiving. Jenn, maybe your sickness is coming to an end! Hopefully you will be done with it before Christmas!

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Beards aren't just for neandrothols. I kind of like the beard, as long as it stays really short. When birds begin to nest, well thats a different story....

Wow!! 50" LCD!!! We are excited because, on a screen that large, we can watch from our place through our dining room window! (I won’t even need to wear my glasses!) We'll have to figure out how to get good sound though. Maybe we can do a wireless sound system. David, does this mean you will need a booster generator system to provide sufficient power to run your new video-theater?

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The "Project" began today, I don't know what the chronological order is so it will probably jump back and forth in time.

So Caren, you're saying I should keep the beard.

Glad to see another post! It will be nice to see more pics too, especially when that beautiful baby comes along :)

I think the beard is ok, as long as Jenn doesn't mind the fuzz, short is definately the way to go though!!

Where's Jerry at? Did I offend him with my "cute puppy" comment? I sure didn't mean to if I did. I saw that all his comments had been deleted, and then I tried to look at his blog and it is no longer there. Anybody know what's up?
By the way, the 50" LCD will fit great across that wall next to the heater. You will probably have to have some sort of additional seating though for all of the friends that are going to be coming over to check out your new toy!
And Jenn, I'm glad to hear that you were able to cook and eat too on Thanksgiving. I hope your sick times are through very soon!

We don't want any pics of Sydney losing her woman hood!

No worries, Dennis.

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