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Monday, September 25, 2006 

Oh Baby!

Jenn and I are going to be parents! We found out a week ago on Sunday, kept it under wraps for a few days (trying to get used to the idea) and then told our family and friends this weekend. We are both very happy and are looking forward to May, the due date is undetermined. We have no preference, girl or boy and we aren't going to find out, we are just praying for a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy for Jenn. The picture is of an 8 week old baby, which is about what ours is..

Congratulations to you both. We are looking forward to having a 'baby Gould'.

We will be praying for you, Jenn, that things will go well in the coming months.

We are delighted!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY!!! We are excited to have a baby in the family that isn't ours!!! It will be so much fun to be able to do all of the fun stuff, and none of the work!! We definatley owe lots of babysitting time, so you can book us in :)

Suh-Weet! Congrats you guys!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Nice picture! Jenn, can you believe one (or two) is inside you!

Congratulations as well from your other parents! We are thrilled about becomming grandparents! This is very exciting and we will be praying for you as well!


Mom and Dad

Awesome, you guys, congratulations. We will be praying a smooth pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby for you!

We wanted to add our congrats too!!! What an amazing blessing in you and your families lives. We are so excited for you to enjoy the miracle of pregnancy and parenting.

Wow! We're so happy for you two. David, you stallion! You'll be awesome parents.

yes, I am a stallion, thanks dude and we'll be thinking about you and your wife to be in the next couple weeks.

Congratulations David and Jenn! That's very exciting news! You will be great parents!

Congratulations to David and Jenn who will be wonderful parents, AND to John and Vicki, who have now entered into a totally new dimension, and Kevin and Sheila who will be quick to agree that no matter how many have come before, each grandchild is a very unique gift and is received with utmost joy. We rejoice with you all! Am I correct in assuming that we'll be seeing John, Vicki, and the girls in May? YAY!

Jenn - let us know if you start craving meat like Caren did and Jeremy will go kill a deer for you to naw on! :) hehee

I am SOOO excited. I can hardly wait to see what little Eleanor or Henry looks like. haha

P.S. That picture is freaking me out. It looks like an alien.

Are you growing an alien?

Wow, you sure are getting lots of comments!

You wont be able to keep us away in May!

Mom & Dad

Congratulations to you both. :) Thought I'd better post a comment to see if I could help you reach my record-setting post. You're getting close! Announcing a baby ought to beat naming a cat.

FINALLY! hehe, sharon and I are sooo excited about being aunts. It'll be so fun to buy baby clothes! But where's sydney gunna sleep now?

Btw, I don't think your baby looks like an alien.

Got any names picked out? Oh, this is so exciting!

Call me soon Jenn, and David, you call me soon too. Congrats guys!
Love ya both,

So....are you gonna start a baby name poll?? Everyone has lots of time to come up with some great suggestions I'm sure!!

I know another post, I have been slacking in checking out the blogs this past week. Congratulations again! We'll be praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. I agree with Helen on starting a baby name poll, it would be fun.

You beat me. :)

Congratulations! We heard the news down in Portland last week. It took a minute for the news to click, as we were only told that Kevin and Sheila would be grandparents again...and Helen wasn't there to tell us it wasn't her and Jasen! Anyways..we are very excited for you both!

Man, you have a lot of comments! Your baby is big news! Hope you are doing well. Wish we were still neighbors and we could have a cup of tea and chat. :) (Maybe peppermint to settle your stomach?)

You should celebrate by going to Disneyland!

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