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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 

The Who

A week ago tommorow night I was in Seattle to see The Who. Jerry hooked me up with a ticket on the floor. These are the best pictures I have, it's tough to take pictures in a big arena, you use the flash and everything past 20 feet is dark, so you have to go without the flash and hold the camera still for a couple of seconds while the picture takes. The concert was great, seats were great, sound was great, super loud, but it was a rock concert. For those who don't know, The Who are the band that does all three of the CSI theme songs. It's seems like Pete Townshend (guitar player) is the star of the show during the concerts, he's not the fastest or most technically gifted guitar player ever but is definitely one of the most innovative, creative and entertaining ones. Thumbs up for the concert, thanks Jerry. When we live down south I will try and make it a habit to check out as many concerts as possible, I know Jenn would like that too. Let me just say a word about the opening act. The band Eel Pie opened the concert and played 5 songs which sounded like the same song over and over for 30 mins. The Who get 4.5 out of 5 eel pie gets 2 out of 5.



Last week we had Sydney's best friend Kenai stay with us, as you can see they are very close and very annoying when they are together. As far as getting attention, Kenai might be the worlds neediest dog, but we like her anyway and I think Syd has a dog crush on her.

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