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Monday, September 25, 2006 

Oh Baby!

Jenn and I are going to be parents! We found out a week ago on Sunday, kept it under wraps for a few days (trying to get used to the idea) and then told our family and friends this weekend. We are both very happy and are looking forward to May, the due date is undetermined. We have no preference, girl or boy and we aren't going to find out, we are just praying for a healthy baby and a smooth pregnancy for Jenn. The picture is of an 8 week old baby, which is about what ours is..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 

A few more Pictures...

Earlier this summer Allison and Matthew came for a visit (see previous posts). We were able to do lots of fun things together. One of them was renting a skiff from Knudsen Cove.

It was a perfect day, absolutely beautiful. We explored quite a bit and even stopped for a picnic on an island. This is why we live here....

Saturday, September 02, 2006 


I've gone on record saying that the ipod is fantastic and the greatest gadget of the last decade. I have all my CD's on it with lots of room to spare but listening to the same music over and over can get old and downloading new stuff gets expensive. The main attraction of the ipod for me is the podcast. Being able to download daily new material on a lot of different subjects is a lifesaver for me when I am standing sorting mail for 3 hours in the morning. If anyone has a podcast to recommend then please do. Here are the ones that I download and listen to on a regular basis.
Dave Ramsay Show: Christian financial talk, yells at people to get out of debt. Daily Show
Phil Keaggy Show: looks like this is a monthly thing, but it's great, of course it is, keaggy is the man.
Pardon the Interuption: Daily sports show from espn, the best of what are many similar types of shows
The Bored Again Christian: Features independent christian acts, don't listen to it as much anymore but still good. discussion of issues by two christian smart guys such as abortion and war and such.
Acoustic Long Island: acoustic coffee shop performances, some good some not so good.
BBC football phone in: bristish show, people call in and talk soccer.

Those are the ones I listen to regularly, if anyone has any others to check out please list them.

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