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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 


On Saturday September 18, 2010 we welcomed Ian David and Megan Grace to our family. Megan had a few transitioning difficulties and spent a few days in the NICU, but is now doing fine and healthy. We were all able to come home together today. :)

Baby A - Ian David. 6lbs5oz.

Baby B - Megan Grace 6lbs8oz.

Together again at last! Because Megan was in the NICU we were unable to take Ian or Abby in to see her due to infection control rules and such. On Monday morning we were finally able to get the okay to have her room with us! They were just remembering each other here. :)

Abby is loving being a big sister. I think our biggest issue with be her wanting to help too much! She is very amused whenever one of the babies cries and tries to fix it. She was a little startled by Ian the first time they met and how loud he could cry. :)

Home at last :) Megan is on the left and Ian is on the right.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 


Many years ago when David and I were just David and I we had a lot of fun spoiling our Niece and Nephews. I remember taking Jaden and Adam out for breakfast with us one time and letting them order ice cream, just because they thought that sounded good. We made them promise not to tell on us, but of course the first thing out of their mouths when we returned them was "guess what we had for breakfast!!?!?" Helen told us at the time that some day she would have her revenge. Well it's started....

Exactly the healthy snack she needs.... A solid piece of sugar that is bigger than her head! Thanks!

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