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Thursday, May 24, 2007 


Here's Abby

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 


Ok, so my prophecy was false, let's move on and get to something I'm better at, watching television. Before I get to that I just want to say something about Carlos Boozer. He played high school basketball for Juneau, I remember seeing him play once, I think, against kayhi. Anyway right now he is playing for the Utah Jazz in the second round of the playoffs and averaging 25 points and 14 rebounds. He made the All Star team this season and I just wanted to say "go Jazz" and "go Boozer, you are the man." Now to Idol, according to book makers Jordin is the favorite to win, melinda second and blake third. That sounds about right to me, I predicted long ago that Jordin would be the next idol. 3 songs each! Simon looks like he just go out of the shower. Jordin Sparks dad used to be pro football player for the record. Jordin is singing, I don't know this song. She's finally wearing a dress without the ridiculous leggings. She did well with this song, the song wasn't that great, I don't know what Simon was thinking, now that I think about it, the song stinks. Here's a list of all the idol winners in order of pure singing talent. 1. Clarkson 2. Underwood 3. Aiken 4. Barrino 5. Hicks. Blake is from Bothel, Wa. The mayor is named Mark Lamb, his middle name is "rackof" he he. Blake is the sweater king, this song is terrible. Randy: Great performance? Paula: Loved it? Simon: not that great. Of course Simon is right, the other two are crazy. Melinda is next, don't the judges always tell the contestants not to sing whitney, christina or mariah? Even so, Randy picks a whitney song. When melinda makes certain vowell sounds she sounds like a quacking duck. I thought she did pretty well, probably the best so far. Jordin's song #2, where are the power ballads? the song choices are killing Jordin right now, disco songs aren't going to win anything, the producers are clueless. Blake's second: He is singing Maroon 5, who I like, finally someone chose a song from this century. What song do you think is gonna get more votes from American Idol voters (all young kids) a recent popular song, or some lame disco song from the 70's. Blake did well, he recovered from Paula's travesty of a song choice. Melinda: the judges have invoked Tina Turner's name a lot when commenting on Melinda so I guess it makes sense, although there has to be better Tina Turner songs than that. I say first round to Melinda, Second round to Blake. What song will Jordin sing? I guess I can't say anything now, even when Jordin picks her own song she chooses one that's 74 years old, try singing something new. Thankyou Simon, he said what I thought, the song was awful. Blake has the right idea, he's going funky again and it pays off for him every time. Let's put this in baseball terms, Blake struck out first time up, the other two times he was up, he hit triples. Jordin hit two singles and struck out once. Melinda is up, I think she has already done this song once, probably not the best idea. She should have brought something new, even though she sang it well. She hit three doubles, no home runs tonight friends. Jordins song choices weren't very good tonight, she could be in trouble, I know I said I thought she would win but she took a step back tonight. I give the night to Blake.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 

The Prophecy

I have prophesied that the baby with be a girl and that she will be born on Sunday May 13, Mothers day. That is the prophecy. If any other false prophets wants to make their false prophecies, feel free to do so on this post.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 

AmmmmmErican Idol

It's that time again, I decided to blog every other week because to devote a blog every week to this show would be kinda lame and weak. Tonight is Bon Jovi night, woo hoo, my first controversial claim of the night: Bon Jovi are better than U2. John Bon Jovi and the guitarist Richie Sambora did a good cover of "hear comes the sun" at a tribute concert for George Harrison, check it out here Phil is going first singing "going down in a blaze of glory" could be prophetic. I don't think he really has a good rock voice, this is kinda like Bon jovi lite. The Judges: Randy: best performance ever. Simon: ok, not original. It's a good thing the other two guys are boy band weak singers, that might be what keeps phil around another week. I missed Jordan's performance because I was talking to my Dad about Liverpool's epic victory in the champions league semi final, bring on Man United. From what I heard it sounded like she was yelling, and simon said it was terrible. Jordin is a big girl, she towers over seacrest, she looks like she could stoop down and swallow his head whole. Now that I think about it, none of these people can sing Bon Jovi songs, I predict all will be terrible, especially chris. Lakisha is doing pretty good, probably the best of the night so far, she made the right decision singing something that wasn't a rock song. Randy: Blew it out the box. Paula: somethin somethin, money in the pocket blah blah. Simon: He loved it, and they kissed. Lakisha is probably safe. I've got some wicked heart burn right now, it's hard to concentrate.
Blake is next. This will be terrible. Ok I was wrong, It was very cool, very different. But there is a reason he had to change the style, because his voice isn't good enough to sing it the normal way. Chris is next, I'm pretty sure THIS will be terrible, at least I hope so. This guy is such a lightweight. gotta call it quits, bad heartburn.

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