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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Hanging in the Blue Room

Right now there is a women's board meeting in my living room, so I am trapped in the blue room (computer room/recording studio/manly domain), just me and dog brains. It's a good opportunity to blog and transfer some music to the i pod. incidentely the music I am putting on the i pod is stuff I have never listened to and probably never would, but I still have to put it on the i pod in order to pad the stats (I have 5 gigs of music, or 500 albums on the pod etc). Speaking of stats, yesterday I had a career high 33 points in our b ball game, it kind of burst my bubble a bit when I got home and read online that Kobe Bryant scored 81 in an NBA game, whatever you think about Kobe, considering all factors, that is the greatest offensive feat of all time, better than Wilt's 100 point game. Without question, the band Third Day's best album was their first one, they have been ripping off worship songs for the past five years. Has there ever been an easier way to make a buck than to crank out a worship CD? My favorite christian band of the last decade is probably Jars of Clay, I think they are the only ones who haven't released a worship CD recently. Does anyone else wonder if Casting Crowns and Mercy Me are the same band? I listened to someone the other day on K love, I think his name is Paul Coleman, it sounded pretty good, I might have to check his stuff out. I have a lot of time on my hands right now, the meeting is probably headed beyond 9 pm so its time for goulds house movie lists:
From 2005:
Gould recommends: Walk the Line (favorite movie of the year)
Napoleon Dynamite (even though Ebert gave it a bad review)
Batman Begins (super cool action flick)
King Kong (Pure popcorn flick, cool effects for the most part)
24 (tv show yes, but highly addictive. Even Jerry likes it and he doesn't lower himself to tv shows)
Super Size Me (pretty interesting stuff, made me get a diet drink with the double quater pounder meal, just to be on the safe side)

Gould ridicules: Fantastic Four (worst movie of the year)
Grizzly Man (had high hopes, but they were dashed. the grizzly man is straight up whacked)
Sahara (first hour was rubbish, last half an hour wa..........zzzzzzzzzzzzz,)
here is a list of movies that I have fallen asleep in AT THE THEATER:
The Patriot, U571, Enemy of the State. One time I thought I was asleep and having a bad dream, but it turns out I was just watching M night shaymalan's "The Village" which may be the worst movie of the last five years. It's going to be about 8 months until season 5 of 24 comes out on dvd, in the meantime Alias has been a pretty good substitute. The dog is flat out asleep on the floor, I am on coffee #3 and counting, only about 30 minutes left until it's safe to venture out of my domain, have a good day. Feel free to comment on my movie and music tastes if you want.

Thursday, January 12, 2006 


I am about to go to town to join the postal workers union. They'll lead me into a dark room and make me recite the vows and then they will insert the chip into my head, the assimilation to full government employee will then be complete. Next time you see me you can ask to see the tatoo of an eye and pyramid underneath my watch. I get free pizza too, which is cool.

Monday, January 02, 2006 

The Return

I just awoke from a two week long feeding and gift induced stupor so it's time to update the Blog. Two weeks, a ton of presents and cool stuff and a new dog, Sydney. We got her about a week ago and are having a lot of fun with her, even though she used our whole house as her toilet for the first day. Every year we say we are going to take it easy on the presents but we never do. Some of the highlights: clothes, Jenns new rocking chair, my i pod video (which jumps right into the top 5 gifts of all time) guitar pedals, lots of smelly things, candles etc. All together a Christmas of the highest quality, thanks to every one for all the gifts and cards. Happy new year to everyone reading this blog (all 3 of you) .

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