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Monday, October 25, 2010 

Visitors and Baby Shower

We are so thankful to have had so many visitors over the last few weeks. Sheila was here with us for about three weeks. Kevin came for the last week she was here. They had a nice time with the babies and Abby. :)

Auntie Helen came up this last weekend to meet the babies. I don't remember the last time we saw Helen without any kids. We had a great time and she was even able to be here for our baby shower.

Abby had lots of fun with Auntie Helen. They were making cinnamon rolls here. Mmm!

Some of the girls from church threw me a baby shower this weekend. It was very nice, and they found a very cute theme...Two Peas in a Pod. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, but other people did so I will try and post some more of those later.

Ian and Megan all dressed up for their shower. They are both getting big fast. They had their month appointment last week. Ian is up to 8lbs9oz and Megan is at 9lbs 6oz. They are starting to sleep for longer stretches at night (yea!!) and are over all pretty good babies. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010 

Life with Babies...

Life has been a bit of an adjustment the last three weeks, but I wanted to put a few new pictures up. The babies are changing and growing so fast! We are settling in to a nice routine. David's mom, Sheila, has been here for the last two weeks and we will be sad to have her go this week. Having an extra set of hands has been wonderful. Not to mention all of the wonderful meals she's made! Any way here are a few pictures of our life with babies....

This is Ian in the front, with Megan and Abby in the background. My sister Allison's roommate took some great pictures while over here today.

This weekend we got to take Abby out for a bit by herself. We went to the playground. She really enjoyed having both mommy and daddy all to herself!

Megan. She looks so much like Abby did as a baby. We've been looking back through some of Abby's pictures and they could really be either one of the girls.

Our little man, Ian.

Both the twins. Megan above and Ian below. Thanks April for getting such great pictures! Life is definitely much more crazy with three kids, but it's slowly getting easier. We were even mostly on time for church today! :) We'll try and keep the blog updated!

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