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Thursday, May 20, 2010 

May Visitors

This post is especially for my wonderful sister-in-law Helen so that she can see how much fun her two oldest boys have been having while visiting Uncle David and Auntie Jenn. Kevin, Sheila, Jaden, and Adam came for a visit this week. We've been having lots of fun going to the Bug Box ( a really gross bug museum), playing around the house and in the yard, and today going up to DC to the Air and Space Smithsonian. We rode the train part way there, which was an adventure in itself for all of the kids. Here are a few pictures of our adventures thus far....

Kevin, Adam, Jaden, and Sheila on the Mall in DC.

Abby the lady bug and Jaden the Moth (not a butterfly!).
At the bug box. Yes, the Spiders in the display are very real and at one time were very much alive. Yuck! They also had a lot of live bugs, snakes, and turtles too.

Playing in the sprinkler in our yard. Abby loves playing with the older boys!

Monday, May 10, 2010 


In April we had some special visitors. David's grandparents from Wales were visiting Florida. They and Sheila were able to come up and spend a long weekend with us. It was a great time to see them and they got to see all kinds of things including Fredericksburg history, Arlington National Cemetery, and all the highlights of Washington DC. Abby enjoyed seeing Nana, Nandad, and Grandma as well. She loves having an audience and being the center of attention. I she might have some adjustments when she is no longer the center of attention :)

Nandad, Sheila, Nana, and Abby at one of the Fredericksburg battlefields.

In Arlington National Cemetery. They were all very impressed with JFK's grave site and the eternal flame.

Abby being silly :)

Now that the weather is warmer we spend a lot of time playing in the lawn and sitting on the porch. I don't think Abby has quite got the hang of soccer yet.

A nice relaxing evening.

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