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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 

Goodbye to Summer

Well at long last we are coming to the end of summer. Fall is in sight. The temperatures have gone down into the 80's and I am coping a bit better. Sorry it's taken me so long to post, but we've had an extremely crazy couple of weeks. Here are some highlights.......A new house! We moved a little closer to Nashville. This is our new home. We are still renting, but we have lots of room for any visitors..(hint hint) and a fenced yard for Syd. It has also cut down commute times for both David and I by about 30 min.

A new job for me. Shortly after starting my job at Southern Hills Medical Center, it was announced that the OB unit would be closing. We were given a months notice, which was just enough time for me to find a new position working labor and delivery at Stone Crest Medical. It has worked out nicely and so far I really like the new job.

A trip for Abby and I to Florida. Some of David's family (Nana and the Powneys) were visiting in Florida a few weeks ago. Abby and I were able to go down and spent a great few days with them as well as Grandma and Grandpa :)

A visit from Sharon and two of my college friends Pam and Christina. Sharon was able to stay a bit longer than the 36 hours Pam and Christina were here :), but we had a great time.

The arrival of my favorite sister-in-law and all of the kids. Which has added a whole lot of excitement into our normally quite lives. We are so happy to finally have them here and are still awaiting the arrival of Jasen and Macy later this week.

Three years!!! We celebrated our three year anniversary. Sheila was here the begining of August so we took the opportunity to get away for the night. We went to a very nice dinner and to see a Carrie Underwood (as well as a few others) perform at the Grand Old Opry.

Continuation of school for David. He is enjoying it a lot and spends most of his time reading and writing and studying.

Finally Grandma and Grandpa Maloney are here visiting this week.

So those are a few of the highlights of the last month or so, it's been busy. I do have lots more pictures that i will try and post soon. Hopefully sooner than October :)

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