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Saturday, April 29, 2006 

The Latest

Well we've had lots going on lately. We got our new kitchen floor! I was very excited about that. Thanks to our wonderful brother-in-law and help from a few others. It looks beautiful. Our friends Matthew and Caren had their baby. Logan Matthew Cooke. He's very sweet and looks alot like his big sister, Meadow. There are lots of pictures on their blogsite (see the link on our page). David has been playing a lot of soccer. This picture was in the paper a few weeks ago. I must say, though, I have not been a big supporter of his games as most of them have been in the pouring rain! We're also getting ready to go on vacation!!! I am very excited. We're headed down to Kevin and Sheila's house in Florida where we will meet up with all of David's family, including his grandparents who are coming over from Wales. Looking forward to the break from here, and even too hot is better than rain!!! We'll also have a few days to stop and play on our way home. Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Garage Sale

We had a garage sale last weekend. They are such a great idea. Get rid of all your junk and make some extra money. Sheila came over to help out and Helen and the kids stopped by for a bit as well. We sold mostly stuff from David's old apartment. Alot of clothes as well. Mostly David's (he did approve all sale items). I did have one lady ask: "What happened to your husband?" A puzzled look from me. "It's just your selling all of his things, i thought maybe something happened to him.." Poor David. :)

Friday, April 14, 2006 


It's the middle of April and it's snowed about 3 inches in the past hour. This is what I like to call sweather (swoot weather). It's the middle of April, that's enough, just stop it....stop it, come on!

Friday, April 07, 2006 


First, the people have spoken, Jenn must respond. She says she will sometime in the next week, her voice must be heard! Second, according to the blood pressure machine at Wal-Mart I have stage 2 hypertension, which is not good. Put it this way, if my blood pressure was any higher the machine would automatically dial 911. It was 159 over 87 the last time I checked, I don't know why it's so high (oh yeah, maybe it's because I sit in a car all day eating salty food and drinking pop). I will try to remedy this and keep you posted on my unhealth. Third, tonight a bunch of us older guys from around town are playing a soccer game against the high school team, I'll ask Jenn to take a couple of pics and I'll blog about the result. Fourth, my wife is excited today because we get to go pick up our new wood floor for the kitchen, the floor right now is a kind of swoot old vinyl, so it will be a big improvement. That reminds me, the housing market in ketchikan is nuts right now, I am glad we bought ours when we did, I bet we could turn around and sell it and come out 40 grand ahead. It's tempting a little but not that much, we are happy in the house, thanks Benson's.

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