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Friday, August 25, 2006 

Sydney, the Vicious Beast

For any of you who know our nephew, Jaden, you know about his intense fear of dogs. It all started with Allison's dog buddy. When he was just a small boy, Buddy barked. This bark has traumatized him more than any other event in his young life. In attempts to break through this fear we have been trying to expose him more and more to Sydney. We've had a few set backs, like the time he opened the door, saw her, and ran. He left the door open, so thinking he was playing she chased right after him. He was a little frightened to say the least. The last two weeks, however we've had some major breakthroughs. Last Friday night he got up the nerve to pet her! Then even got within 3 feet! On Sunday he fed her a treat. So today we took Jaden, Adam, and Sydney to the beach. He was a little nervous, but did great. Good job Jaden! He likes to throw things for her (I think because it gets her to run the opposite way of him, but hey it's a step). His new goal is to not be scared so he can bring Sydney to show-and-tell at school, because "that would be the greatest show-and-tell ever!"

Sunday, August 20, 2006 

One Year

Well, today we have been married for one year. Yesterday we went out to Salmon Falls and enjoyed a nice dinner. Being married has been a joy and a lot of fun. We've learned a lot about each other over the last year. For instance, Jenn, is now familiar with all the Liverpool players, and even knows the correct terminology to cheer when they kick a score. David, is now up to date on much of the recent medical terminology and could probably even delivery a baby. Together, we've also become a little more organized and a little more relaxed. We've become a little more outgoing and a little more anti-social. It's good to find balance. We've learned the best and worst of each other and it just makes it better. It has been a wonderful year and we look forward to many more.

Saturday, August 12, 2006 

Erik Mongrain

This is one of the cooler things I have seen in a long time:

Monday, August 07, 2006 

what's happening

In case anyone was wondering about the new coke black (I was until this morning) it is probably the worst drink of the last 2 decades. It's a mix of coke and coffee and it doesn't work. My soccer team is the back to back champion of the annual rainbird cup. Competition was a little stiffer this year but we managed to pull it out. My guitar is back up for sale on Ebay so one of you needs to just man up and go and buy it, alright?

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