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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 

On the Go

Well our lives have suddenly gotten much busier for a few reasons. First of all, our move. We are barging our belongings in less than two weeks. The packing process is a lot of work. My mom is getting here on Saturday to help us get everything packed up. She is, as some of you may know, quite an experienced packer. One of the things that has complicated my packing abilities is that Abigail is now on the move. About three weeks ago she started sitting up all by herself. It's amazing how quickly she's gone from that to crawling (pretty fast too), to pulling herself up on everything, to shuffling around the room via furniture. She is quite proud of herself and especially loves the TV and DVD player. "No No Abby" is now my most common statement every day. David just returned from spending a few days down in Nashville. He looked at houses, met with his new boss, found us a place to rent for a few months, and explored. He really enjoyed it and is excited to return. Such is our life as of now. Hope you all are well.

Friday, January 11, 2008 

Weather Woes

I was just sitting here thinking to myself...when is the last time I've seen the sun. It's been awhile. Not that it's pitch black all the time, mostly just gray. We seem to have been getting a pretty steady cycle of snow, sleet, rain slush, snow, sleet, rain, slush. I guess I should look at the positive side of things - we have plenty of water, Abby likes the snow (please see picture), the outside of my car usually looks clean (we won't talk about the inside), and I've gotten to spend a bit more time with my neighbors (as sometimes I can't get out). I still will be glad to see the sun again...

Update: An unexpected blessing. On my way home this afternoon I saw blue sky!!! God has given me a glimpse of hope. :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008 

Happy New Year to everyone! This is the gouldshouse band
featuring Abby on percussion and vocals.

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