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Saturday, July 01, 2006 

England Out!

The dream is over in all too familiar fashion, England out of the world cup on penalties. Including European championships England have gone out on penalties 6 out of the last eight miajor tournaments. Six shootouts, six loses, you'd think they'd learn how to make a penalty. I blame it on the manager Sven, he has about as much tactical accumen as a tree stump and about half the personality. Frank Lampard was runner up in the world player of the year voting, but was a total waste of time at the world cup. Beckham is way past it and should have been on the bench from the start. Oh well, two years until the euro championships and the next gut blow. I'll be rooting for either france or portugal to win it, as long as it's not germany or italy.

France over Germany? Wha? You'll have to be patient with me as I am not a true football fan but France? They seem like the team to beat, but certainly not the team I'll be rooting for. I'm politically biased against France.

It was sad to see England lose on penalty kicks.

Some folks here were burning their England flags after the match.

In football, England's arch enemy is Germany.


I was definitely rooting for England over Portugal.

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