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Monday, August 23, 2010 

This is for Sheila. Abby attended Vacation Bible School this summer, where they gave all the kids a CD of the songs they learned during the week. She loves it and listens to it ALL the time. This song is the theme song "Saddle Ridge Ranch". It's still undecided if she will be the lead singer in David's band. We may need to point her toward other aspirations. :) She is a ham, though, and really enjoyed entertaining everyone any chance she got.

Thank you, Jenn. I think she has great potential, maybe just a little more practice!

That was GREAT!

Buddy Grandma and Grandpa!

Her cuteness just does not end!!!

I'm already making plans in my mind for a Grandkids band with me as the manager.
The kids can take turns at being lead singer.
That's a great video. Our little girl is very cute.

She's definitely got rhythm. :)

Ohh my gosh!! that was SOOOOO cute!!! I laughed so hard at how cute that was!! Thanks for posting that! Totally Totally priceless!

That was so darling! What she lacks in pitch she MORE than makes up for in enthusiasm (and memory!) Thanks for brightening the morning of a complete stranger! (David, I've only met you Ketchikan. My sister is Laurie Northrup). Congratulations on the two-fer! They look a lot alike, but how nice that people will always be able to tell them apart. You will never have a dull moment. (Just ask Helen).
Chris Patterson

That was AWESOME!!

Totally awesome! To hear their little cute voices and their adorable way of pronouncing things--in my mind, nobody sings better than a toddler!

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