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Sunday, March 21, 2010 


Jenn and I are having twins! They are due in mid October. I told Abby that she needs to learn the bass, Baby A needs to learn drums, and Baby B needs to be able to sing. Jenn is struggling through the first trimester. Some may remember how bad it was for Jenn when she was carrying Abby, well it's x2 this time around. She is on IV fluids at home and we are trying to get some nutrient IV bags for her aswell. The babies seem to be doing okay though, the fact that they are literally draining Jenn's life force doesn't seem to bother them much. Please keep Jenn in prayer through this time, she really needs to be able to eat.

HI Dave and Jen

I'm sat here at the airport in Seattle checking blogs. Congratulations!!! We will be praying for you.

Mike Cooke

Welcome to the club! :-) You will do great... it is hard work, but so wonderful too. And you already have a great source of info (i.e. Helen). You are in our prayers.
Sally M.

How incredible to have TWINS!! Jenn, I will absolutely be praying for you!! Lots of Love.

David & Jenn,

Ken is not home this evening so I was looking at a few blogs. I just happened to hit it on the evening of your good news (a great way to end this Sunday evening). I am excited for you both and Abbey too!!! May the Lord be your help as these little ones prepare during the next few months for their birth. I will be praying for all of you!

Our love to you, Bonnie (I will tell Ken)

Yay! You finally posted :) I can't wait to hold those babies. I love being an Auntie!! I think Percy & Petunia are wonderful names, good job :)

Congratulations Dave, Jenn and Abby, All your family in England are thrilled! Love and God Bless. Nana xx

Hi Dave Jenn and Abby, I can't wait to be a GREAT Auntie! Forget what Helen said about Percy and Petunia. Susan and Alan are much nicer names for twins-don't you think????????
Lots of love from all your family in England xxxxxx

Wow! Great news about the twins! I am in Juneau (work) and just got off the phone with Bonnie and she mentioned she had checked your blog and found your announcement. We are excited that OUR family continues to grow. We will be praying for you guys as you walk through the days ahead. Our love and hugs to you.

Wow, that's great news! Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing all FIVE of you next time I visit. :)

Congratulations! What wonderful news. We will be praying for you.

It's wonderful! They're cute! Hope you feel better soon!

Dave and Jenn,

Twins, wow! Congratulations! We'll be praying Jenn and the twins throughout the pregnancy.


Rosie, Scott and Jenna

Hi guys! I am so excited for you. Hope you start feeling better soon Jen and can enjoy the months ahead. We love you!

We're delighted for you and your extended family! How neat that you'll have all the help you need. By the time the babies come Abby will be a great helper too. How's Jenn doing now? I hope you'll keep posting to this blog. It's so much easier to read than facebook. God bless you all with good health and much joy through the coming months, Janet

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