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Wednesday, November 04, 2009 

Too Many Leaves!!

I love having trees in our yard, but we are quickly realizing how much work it brings!!! Abby and I spent the morning raking up leaves. Well I gathered them, she scattered them. :)

The temptation is just too great to leave a pile of leaves in a pile and not jump in and throw them everywhere. We raked up 13 big piles! I still have 5 more to bag and send out with the trash tomorrow. It has taken quite a while as several piles had to be gathered more than once :)

Now just be thankful you didn't have your nephews and niece there too!! Piling leaves would have been pointless!!

Cute! Well, the wind has taken care of the few leaves that fall here! I'm glad you're updating more!

She is SO precious- I can't get over how long her hair is now!!
Are your parents loving having ya'll closer?! I'm hoping to take a LONG trip out there some time in December/January and I'd loooove to meet up!!

Abby is so adorable! -Robin Moore

We've been having Saturday morning leaf raking parties...with the kiddies still in their pj's!?! Abbey is too cute in her pink/brown down vest, what a great outfit on a beautiful girl!

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks and give here a big hug and kiss.
Hey! maybe I can get to play in the leaves with Abby. We could play a game called
"Who can make the biggest mess".

So fun!! Hannah has the same vest but sadly has outgrown it :( I love all the leaves!

Abby is ridiculously cute!! I love her cute hair!

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