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Friday, March 16, 2007 

March Madness

The last two posts have been pretty popular so now it's time for a post that no will care about. I filled my NCAA tournament bracket on and am currently in 45oooth place, which isn't that bad considering 3 million brackets were filled out. Yesterday through the first 7 games I was perfect and then Duke and Gonzaga lost so right now I have missed 2 picks out of about 20 games.
Here's my final four-I have Ohio State beating Texas and Florida beating UCLA with Ohio State winning the whole thing. Also I entered a drawing at KPU to win a 50 inch plasma, I have a good feeling about this.

I don't care.

I understand John Maloney will buy you a 50 inch Plasma if you will take their new grandbaby to live by them!!!!

UMMMM HELLO Mother!! Who's side are you on anyway???

Just to clarify, the Plasma TV started out as a 37" and now has grown to 50"s. The size of the TV offer is directly related to the distance from Fredericksburg, VA. Staying in Ketchikan (of course it is my fault that Jen went to KTN in the first place) wins one of those fake plastic televisions you see in the furniture stores. I don't know why but Allison always wanted one of those for her room when she was little. I see a college graduation present in the making...a fake TV for Allison. Hope you are all well.

Has bribery ever worked on me? The TV may be an enticement for David, but not for me.....Remember when you wanted to by me a car if i stayed home and went to college?? That worked real well....

David - I'm very proud of you picking the Buckeyes to win it all! This Columbus girl didn't even pick them! I'll tell you what though - I don't watch much basketball but my bracket is doing pretty good!

well Pam, I'm glad your bracket is doing well because mine stinks.

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