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Saturday, November 12, 2005 

Petra farewell tour

I just read in Christian Music Planet magazine that Petra is going on a farewell tour. I remember when I was going through my teenage years Petra was my favorite band, by far. It's funny that we used to regard their music as being "heavy". When the album "On Fire" came out I remember thinking "whoa, this is pretty heavy stuff". When you compare it to some of the heavy christian stuff today Petra is pretty tame. Let me just annoint Petra as the greatest christian "hair band" of all time. Back in the day they were easily the biggest thing in christian music. I remeber going to see them at Jesus Northwest about 12 years ago. That was a great experience, the first big concert that I had ever been to. What stands out to me now as I think about it is louie weaver's drum solo, with strobe lights and all kinds of effects, just epic. That what kinds of bugs me about christian music today, there doesn't seem to be many bands that write good songs and have mad instrumental skills. The band has changed now and only John Schlitt, the lead singer who must be about 95 years old, remains. So Petra is calling it a day and I just wanted to give props to the most influential band of my adolecent years.
Classic Petra:
This Means War
Beyond Belief
Any of the old stuff before opera singer schlitt was front man
On Fire

Favorite Petra song of all time: .....Probably "This Means War"

I just went on the Petra sight and it looks as though Bob Hartman, guitar legend, is still with the band, he's an original, and wrote most of the songs.

What do you mean 95 years old? We remember listening to them when we were in High school....they were heavy then and we still think they are heavy! Although I guess you can define heavy by the fact that you can understand what they are saying/singing but now you can't with today's groups. But they had some great music that we and our friends still enjoy listening to!We'll play some for you when you visit!

Your VA Parental Units

Yeah, I have always loved Petra too.

Have you listened to their new one, Jekyll and Hyde? It's great.

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