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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

I'm so Alone

Well, I've been married for just over a month and Jenn already needs a break. She left for anchorage this morning for a conference so I will be batchin? it for a few days. So it's back to frozen pizza for lunch and frozen bbq rib shaped patty meal for dinner. At least I have the grill, which is so sweet. Thanks to my in-laws for that gift, it's tight. I made a steak on there last night but I tripped on the way into the kitchen and dropped it on the deck. It was a good tasting steak though. In fact I will post a picture of the grill in all its glory. I am sitting drinking a latte that I just made thinking about good foam. The definition of good foam is when it stays with you until the end of the drink. Then at the bottom of the cup the foam is mixed with the coffee and the flavoring, ummm.. yummy. Weak foam bubbles out when you are about halfway done with the drink.

Poor Baby, all alone???? What did you ever do before me? I miss you too, see you sunday!!

It's been a month already? Amazing how time flies. Hopefully, I'll see you soon in KTN and you can invite me over for a steak. Since I didn't get you a wedding gift, I'll provide the steaks.

I'll catch you a delicious bass.

My poor will he survive? and eww you ate dirty steak? I do miss your lattes though (don't worry I miss you too!) :) Talk to ya later!

I am so sorry about your steak. Maybe you should try chicken.

We are happy that you are enjoying your new grill!


Mom and Dad

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