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Saturday, August 20, 2005 

Wedding Day

It's my wedding day, must burn this date into my memory. August 20, August 20, my anniversary is August 20. Not to stressfull so far, after all I am blogging and I have listened to a soccer game on the radio and watched another one on TV. Things should start picking up here in about an hour. I am not really nervous, I guess I would be if I was marrying the wrong woman, but I am marrying the right woman so everything is cool. I floated the idea of a "groomcam" by Jenn but it was immediately dead in the water. I think I will be able to blog a little in Hawaii, maybe give a kind of play by play of the wedding day after the fact. Ok I have to go get married now. Peace.

A BIG congratulations to you David and Jenn! Since you are not back blogging yet, is it safe to say, perhaps, that you are still at the church in the middle of the ceremony??? Happy Hawaii! Fern Grotto is lovely, watch out for the wild chickens. :) Much love to you both!

Congrats D. Really happy for you guys. Have a great time in Hawaii and don't get 3rd degree burns from the sun, that wouldn't be good.

CONGRATULATIONS to you both :) I couldn't agree have definately married the right woman, we love her very much and think you make the perfect match!! By the way there was no protest this morning when we mentioned "auntie Jenn" I think they get it now!!
Have a great vacation.
Love us :)

What a wonderful day! It couldn't have been better. I have a couple of pics if you would like to see them.

Congratulations David! You've got my sister. I hope you two are happy together. I hope your time in Hawaii goes well. Can't wait for you guys to come visit me in VA. Take care of my sister! Love you both, Alli

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