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Monday, July 25, 2005 


Something that I love to look at and read about are things sorted into lists, for instance top ten movies or sports teams and such. I am going to to start making my own lists just for the fun of it and posting them on the blog, I will call them "My Top Five" I have spoken. The first list will be, "THE FIVE GREATEST POPS OF ALL TIME" I discussed this with Jerry Demmert once, and he used to drink a six pack of coke a day, his pop expertise is unsurpassed.
The List:
#5 Ginger Ale
#4 Pepsi Twist
#3 Cactus Cooler
#2 Mountain Dew
#1 Dr Pepper

If I'm an authority on pop, then I'm surprised Coke Classic didn't make your list. Ultimately, Coke Classic is first in rank followed by Dr. Pepper.

Hey, it's my list.

What's cactus cooler? Some kind of weird alaskan drink?!? wait - how could it be - there aren't any cactus in alaska. I'm so excited for you and Jenn! Jennifer Morrow and I like to think we played a small part in making it all happen. Just wait - I think there might be a documentary part 2 in the works! See you and Jenn in a few weeks! Congrats on the new house too!

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