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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

Closing on the house

Jenn and I went to sign all the papers for the house this afternoon and we will be able to move in on Friday, a little earlier than expected. I think I signed my name about 30 different times and the only time I understood what I was signing was when I verified that my name was actually David Gould. Of course I skimmed over all the paperwork acting like I knew what I was reading.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are very happy for you both :)

David and Jenn,

We are so happy for you! Vicki (Mom) and I were reminiscing about our first house. We were so proud and excited. It smelled like cigars from the old man that lived there before us...I am sure that you guys must feel the same.

Oh, Dave by the way now that I am going to finally have a son, do you think we can go outside and throw the football around when I get there. However, my football is oval shaped not round with spots....

Congrats on the house! It looks great!

God Bless

John and Vicki

Congratulations David and Jenn, on your new home. Like John and Vicki, we talked about our first home, it cost about $4,000, things are different now aren't they?

We will expect an invitation over for dinner!!

God bless
Mum and Dad (Sheila and Kevin)

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