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Saturday, September 10, 2005 

We're Back!

After an epic 3 week honeymoon Jenn and I got back last night. We loved every minute of the trip but were looking forward to getting back and getting on with our life. There were many great moments, the picture is from our last dinner in Hawaii at the Bali Hai restaurant, this was probably the culinary highlight of the trip. Over the next week or so I will post pictures from the trip and describe some of the things we did.

Poets are looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your pictures! Welcome Home and once again, congratulations!!!

From your parental units....

Welcome back and we are glad you had such a nice time, we are looking forward to seeing your pictures as well...Happy Birthday Jenn!

It is so good to have you guys home. You were missed! Enjoy life as Mr & Mrs Gould :+)

I'd like to read Jenn's comments occasionally. You two look good!

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