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Wednesday, July 18, 2007 

Sunbathing Beauty

It is an extraordinarily beautiful day today! Abby and I sat outside for a bit this afternoon. She even tried on her new bikini that cousin Laura sent her. She loves being outside. I love days like today!

Wow...80???? What a treat! She rocks that bikini!!

That is hilarious!! She is so cute :) It was a beautiful day!

What a cutie! She looks like such a sweetie. I love her cute little expressions. It looks like she smiles a lot for such a little one! If you and David come to Seattle sometime we volunteer to babysit! :)

What a sweetheart!!! Love the bikini. Thanks Laura!

Glad to see some sunshine appeared up your way. What cute pictures indeed!!

Too cute!!!

Wow how she is growing! She is so cute in her itsy, bitsy, tiny, weenie, red polka dot bikini.

Very cute! She's starting her modeling career early!

Abby is beautiful. We are so happy for you. Just can't imagine the little Jenn back in Cape Cod days now a Mom. But we know you are a wonderful mother.

God Bless you all,

Gary and Beverly Bruce

We can't wait to see her again!


Mom and Dad

I can't believe that it was 80 there. What a cute bikini, a little itsy bitsy red polka dotted bikini!

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