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Monday, July 21, 2008 

Grandma Maloney

Last week we had the priviledge of having Grandma Maloney here for the week. I was working day shift last week and it was David's first week of school, so my mom came out to spend the week with Abby. She (Abby) is starting to talk more and more and can now, much to my mother's delight, say grandma (pronounced manma). They had a lot of fun. The day after my mom left I scolded Abby for something and told her no. She threw herself to the floor crying "Manma, Manma." I don't think "Manma" says no. :) David's first week of school went well and he is enjoying it. He actually has his first exam today. Work for me is good. I miss KGH, but there is a very diverse group of patients here so it will be interesting to learn. Here are a few pictures my mom took while she was here.

Abby is so cute!! I can't believe her hair. She almost has as much as Rachael! I can't wait til we can get these two together again.

I'm glad everything is going well! Will you be moving to the Nashville area soon?

Awww I love my little niece!!! I can't wait to see her at Christmas! Teach her to say Auntie Alli for me! haha Love you guys!

WOW-- so many changes for you all. I'm happy things are going well for you, and especially pleased that Gramma Maloney gets to visit regularly. No doubt she is absolutely smitten with little Abby and that's as it should be :-) I enjoy stopping by from time to time and seeing what you're up to. May the Lord's blessings continue!

Abby is absolutely beautiful! Looking at your blog makes me miss you all so much!
I hope work and school go well for you and Dave.
Love, Sarah

She is sooo big and she has SOOO much hair! My goodness what a cutie. I miss you guys!!!

Hi Jenn,
Here's Rhonda's blog address:
It was great talking to you today!
Love, Kris

Oh no Jenn... tomarrow is October! Will you get another post done tonight? :)

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